Profile of Steve McGrath

Name : Steve McGrath


Date of Birth : 21/07/1979


Place of Birth :

Cardiff (Heath Hospital)


Male/female :

Male (as far as I know)


Occupation :

Disability Sport Development Officer - Newport


Classification : 2.5


Favorite Position On Court :

Anywhere in the opposition's half                                                


Vest Number : 10 


When did you start playing wheelchair basketball?   



Have you played with any clubs other than the CELTS?   



Why do you enjoy playing basketball?    

The fast pace and excellent CELTS team spirit.


Playing History/Basketball Achievements :   


Most memorable basketball moment (so far) :  

All of Malmo 2006 that I can remember - which is not that much!


Other hobbies :    

No time - work and basketball take up all my weekends!


Personal Goals (basketball related) :  

To learn from every game, and to go through a game without missing a shot (well - we can all dream!).