Profile of Liam Holt

Name : Liam Holt


Date of Birth : 24/10/1985


Place of Birth :



Male/female :



Occupation :

Audience Research Assistant - BBC Wales


Classification : 2


Favorite Position On Court :

Point Guard                                                


Vest Number : 6 


When did you start playing wheelchair basketball?   

When I was 9 


Have you played with any clubs other than the CELTS?   

Yeah - the Hampshire Harriers


Why do you enjoy playing basketball?   

It's the greatest sport ever, and we're awesome!


Playing History/Basketball Achievements :   

Malmo Open 2007.

Division 3 Runners up 2008/2009 season.

Also helping to coach the Div 4 team in their current season (2009-2010) - they havent lost yet!


Most memorable basketball moment (so far) :  

Getting promoted to Division Two in our third season! GO CELTS!!


Other hobbies :    

Music - playing and listening.


Personal Goals (basketball related) :  

To continue to improve personally and as a team to make the div 2 playoffs in 2010!!