Profile of Mohammed Khan

Name : Mo Khan


Date of Birth : 2/07/1990


Place of Birth : Pakistan


Male/female : Male


Occupation : Student


Classification : 1


Favorite Position On Court :

Wherever I'm told to go!                                            


Vest Number : 23 


When did you start playing wheelchair basketball?   

When I was 12.


Have you played with any clubs other than the CELTS?   



Why do you enjoy playing basketball?   

Its awesome and its a face paced team game.


Playing History/Basketball Achievements :   

Finishing 1st in the league with the 4th division team


Most memorable basketball moment (so far) :  

When Wandeson got off his chair and smacked the ball off the opposing player!


Other hobbies :    Playing on the PS2, watching movies at the cinema and going to see Cardiff play at Ninian Park.


Personal Goals (basketball related) :   To be the all time top lay-up scorer!