Profile of Joanna Coates-McGrath

Name : Joanna Coates-McGrath


Date of Birth :



Place of Birth :



Male/female : Female


Occupation :

Disability Sports Officer for Sport.Cardiff


Classification : 1 (when I was playing)


Favorite Position On Court :

Coaching from the bench!                                                


Vest Number : Was No 11 - maybe the number should be retired in honour of my great playing skills and hung up in the hall!!!!!!!


When did you start playing wheelchair basketball?   

When the Club started in 2002.


Have you played with any clubs other than the CELTS?  No


Why do you enjoy playing basketball?   

I did enjoy it, but I prefer Coaching and it is really hard to do both at the same time so I had to make a choice!


Playing History/Basketball Achievements :   

Biggest Achievement has to be coaching the Development Division team for an unbeaten 2008/2009 season. The team spirit was awesome and made it a very nice group to coach.


Most memorable basketball moment (so far) :  

Probably the trips to Malmo.  We had some laughs. I will never forget the wheelchair ice skating on the open air rink and a crowd forming to take pictures and watch. Romeo falling off the rink was hilarious!!


Other hobbies :    Apart from coaching, work takes up a lot of time. I do love to shop and watch TV a lot though! Soaps and Reality TV rule!!


Personal Goals (basketball related) :   To continue improving my coaching and to see us manage to field a junior team for the league!